About Us

Empowering the supplemental consumer through direct access to product transparency

At SilverLeaf Global, we focus on a single driving principle: optimizing supplemental consumer choice through education, verification, and measurable results, led by full disclosure and product certification transparency.

Our transparency methodology empowers the supplemental consumer by providing full product certification accessibility.

By design, when product transparency leads the way, the consumer can confidently set supplemental goals and get desired supplemental outcomes.

That’s why at SilverLeaf Global our mission to empower the consumer through product transparency is one of our primary objectives. We lead by example with this simple yet essential principal, putting our customer’s well-being first while keeping in mind that we too are consumers.

SilverLeaf Global Leadership

SilverLeaf Global lead by three highly experienced and sought after individuals who are business development experts and contain proven turnkey business solutions for evidenced based products identified as major contributors to individual health objectives.

SilverLeaf Global partner’s capabilities demonstrated by our historical business portfolio of success. We embrace distinguished conceptual or new entry products that identified to produce significant impact when used as intended. Each of our products are strategically guided through a buttoned-down and proven process in order to achieve a place of significant brand recognition and market relevance.

SilverLeaf Global turnkey distribution solutions fashion efforts towards promoting and selling prime certified supplements. Each supplement product category requires that formulation contain science back evidence and put to practice, we deliver maximum measurable results to our valued customer’s.

Executive Leadership Team

Gil Laureiro

Tony Ullo

Mark Patterson
VP Operations

Stephanie Salerno


Since 1982, SilverLeaf Global partners have evolved and embraced best business practices that significantly expanded our global distribution and customer installation footprint.

SilverLeaf Global approach to innovation focused on optimizing the way supplemental transparency arrives at the door of consumer choice. Our core driving force of supplement innovation is a concentrated focus placed on consumer supplemental objectives. This focus results in unquestionable product integrity and consumer confidence that our supplements purchased are as advertised, verifiably safe and effective.

SilverLeaf Global executive leadership team previous and current expertise lies in the field of molecular biology, medical devices and supplemental products, all led by an unwavering focus on non-invasive rehabilitative and stabilization advanced cellular rehabilitative technologies.

Mutual Pillars of Sustainability

sustainability of our mission in providing leading nutritional supplements is through known advanced technological platforms that provide scalability, expandability, and seamless integration into new and innovative organic formulations.

educational and customer support platforms accessible and synergistic to our valued customers we provide as an educational gateway with our customer’s best interest in mind.

with customers, scientists, key opinion leaders, academia and the top leaders in the supplemental industry to gather solutions and advancements that are customer focused and synergistic.

our representatives, technical experts, educators and strategic partners to always beat customer expectations by under promising and over delivering.

Together with the above Four Pillars fundamentally implemented and applied by SilverLeaf Global, sustainability is assured.