A few months ago our family dog had been having a lot of stomach issues, constantly throwing up his food, didn’t seem happy and lacked his usual energy. After taking him to the vet we had tried all types of treatments, spent hundreds of dollars on different medications thinking he must have had some type of bug. But nothing seemed to work, we even changed up his diet, tried out raw food, and other supplements. My husband and I would take turns trying to help feed him pretty much by hand, and staying up to do research on different pet forums. After reading an article on hemp oil for dogs, I decided it couldn’t hurt and found out about Nanosolpro a hemp oil extract online. We started our dog out on a 250 mg dose a few times a day. It wasn’t hard at all to get him to try it either and he seemed to like the taste. After the first few days we barely noticed a change, until for the first time in weeks he finished all the food in his dish and was giving me those old puppy dog eyes, asking for more! I was blown away, he ate two more portions and the next day he was out in our backyard chasing after birds! It was really amazing to see the change in him. His appetite is completely back, his energy is up and he just seems like he’s back to his old self.

Annie G.

I grew up with a severe gluten intolerance and have always had to have a severely restricted diet. It was tough but my parents got me into good habits, and I was always looking at labels and finding gluten free options at restaurants. Last year my bf and I went backpacking in Central America and my stomach terribly sick, even though I planned out my eating to a ‘T’. When I got back the doctor had said I had severe inflammation in my digestive tract and it was causing me to be ill. I hate taking meds from the doctor, at least the majority of them so I was reluctant to take what he had prescribed. My BF did some research on anti-inflammatory options and we ordered Hemp Oil Extract from nanosol pro. Within 24 hours of first taking it I was already feeling like a million bucks! My stomach cramps were gone, my bowel issues totally subsided and I could FINALLYY eat my favorite gluten-free pizza again without throwing it all up! My bf and I have both been taking it for over a year now!
Alina F.

My wife and I are both devoted vegans, we have been for over 15 years now. We have tons of friends who have tried it with us, and for one reason or another, whether it’s a few years, months or even days, most of them have fallen off the wagon and gone back to meat or fish. The trick we know that a lot of others might not is that you’ve got to supplement as much as possible if you’re going to stick with it, and a few years ago we introduced a hemp seed oil into our diet it really helped with some of the stomach dysfunction many vegans feel after a long time eating plant-based. Having tried different brands over the years, we were gifted some Nanosol Pro recently and this has been one of our favorites. It keeps us happy, and feeling great all the time. Its hard to put into words honestly, but our body’s have become like machines with digestion ha! Must try!
Dan C.

I’ve been using Nanosol pro Hemp Oil Extract for about 2 months now and it has really done wonders for my skin! I had read articles online mentioning how hemp oil could stop breakouts and help fortify your skin making it soft and supple, I was hooked from that moment. I found the nanosol pro site and ordered the 500mg tincture, and began daily the day it got here. Within two weeks my acne/ rosacea was almost completely gone, and I looked amazing! My skin looked and really felt much healthier! Like almost immediately!
Nancy G.

Nanosol pro CBD salve worked wonders on my cat, I highly recommend it! She had been roaming through my backyard during our last barbeque and I guess she got attacked by a bunch of ants, she had bites all over her stomach and legs, it was terrible. I could really tell she was in so much pain too! My father had used Nanosol Salve for his joint pain from time to time, and he said I should try putting some on her after I gave her a bath. After a few days I could see her skin was healing so much better and she’s been running around and jumping all over the furniture, as usual – no pain at all!
Kimberly S.